Social media help please

In a world that revolves around social media, you are constantly asked to like this or that.  How about one more time…Will you like our pages, follow us and share all of our posts, etc, etc, etc. Well we of course would be grateful if you followed us, liked our posts and invited others to do

Does your city make you smarter?

You may think your city is the smartest city in the world, why, well because you live there of course!  You may just be surprised by the list of which city is consider the most educated in your state. Of course if you list your home for sale with TMG Realty or your commercial space with our
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Money mistakes that are costing you!

Are you making these everyday money mistakes? It is amazing how bringing your lunch to work twice a week could save you thousands each year.  Of course, you will also be making a huge money mistake by not listing your home with TMG Realty or your commercial space with our affiliate Metro Business Realty!!!!